If Only

Last night’s moment of j’accuse: Me:  “Hanging out in town tonight.  Friend in from L.A.” Her:  “Hope she is good to you” Her:  “Okay..have fun” Her:  “[Pls check dogs] after your date” Later (paraphrased): Her:  So was it that girl you used to have a crush on? Inner monologue:  If only… Me:  It was my frat […]

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Opposite Day

So I was at my brother’s wedding.  He cleans up pretty nice.  Or it was my kid’s wedding.  It seems like it switched. The part where my broke ass dad hired a Lamborghini prototype in a camouflage wrap and cladding was cool, as it drifted past the reception.

Aventador prototype
This, except sideways

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A week ago, it was that girl with the boobs, from high school.  Last night it was Superstar, in all her best December ever glory.  She was back, but I was with Lurlene. I invited her to thanksgiving dinner, over Lurlene‘s gentle suggestion that i not.  So it was on  – all the shoulda woulda […]

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Dear Superstar

I had a dream about you last night.  You were there to see me off on some unspecified event.  Dr. Brently was there too.  You were about to do your hair in one of those $300 jobs that are worth every cent.  You hadn’t yet, so I could concentrate on those eyes, those gorgeous eyes. […]

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Bear Boat Pinot Noir 2003

Aged for aged for ten months in French oak and carefully fined before its release. While the color is brilliant red reminiscent of black cherries, the nose offers hints of warm toast and cassia. Has a mouth of fresh strawberries and raspberries while delicate suggestions of black licorice enhance the lingering finish.- Bear Boat winery […]

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