2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT

CSM No. 07SGT0001 Ford Mustang Shelby GT On The Way by Marty Padgett (2006-12-20) First Shelby GT rolls out of Vegas shop. The first Ford Mustang Shelby GT is due to leave the Shelby garage in Las Vegas today, headed for showrooms with a $36,970 price tag and almost certain unavailability at that price. The […]

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So Long, Lard Ass

Ford Set to Dump Excursion Overweight and underpowered, plus 10 mpg in a world of $3 gas makes this truck a giant flashing “I am a Fricking Moron” billboard every time you take a $10 trip to Safeway for a loaf of bread. (OTOH, my sister Buzzkill could only drive 1/2 her family anywhere in […]

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