You can go now…

Sorry?!  You’re goddamned sorry?!…  You told them ALL OF IT?! – Ronald Everett Gardocki, having just been fucked in the ass (figuratively) by Vic Mackey. “You can go now…”  Claudette Wyms, after making Vic watch Ronnie get arrested, based on Vic’s confession for immunity deal. “From now on, when I say, ‘Suck my dick,’ you […]

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Fx to America: Go Blow Yourself

Return of ‘The Shield’: Summer debut unlikely Fans of The Shield will have to wait a little longer to see whether Vic Mackey self-destructs in the show’s last season, its seventh… FX doesn’t appear to be in any hurry to air them before fall — at the earliest. Running the show opposite the Summer Olympics […]

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The Shield, man

the fucking Shield. I loved the finale. Buuuut, with my humblest apologies to my good friend Superstar, I thought the resolution was a bit too convenient, and too much of a clean slate, relatively speaking, for next season. (This was supposed to be the last one) SOPRANOS better kick it up a couple of notches, […]

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Raise Shields

“The Shield” is back (finally) and it’s the sh*t. You can thank me for this show, because I did a focus group where they pitched the concept and several different names: The Shield (duh), Rampart, Pimp my Commish, … f/x, Tuesday at 10. Be there. Plot guide for rookie viewers

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Shield = Must see TV

What a show! The only difference between it and an HBO series is bleeped f***s (the word) and less graphic f***s (slightly less skin). Hmmmm. Fleshed out characters. Antiheros. This ain’t your father’s TJ Hooker!

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