Barrett Jackson 2008: Only in my dreams

1959 Edsel
needs a “seat cover”

A million years ago, there was an Edsel (red/white 4 door) at University Lincoln Mercury (Home of Dusters, Continental Town Coupes and Coupes de Ville).  It was in great shape.  Even better, it led to one of those teen boy dreams that involved fancy cars, driving, hot redheaded chicks named Michele Wendling, and uh, “not driving.”

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The Final Frontier

Things that don’t suck about Phoenix:

  1. Interplanetary travelers and their strange conveyances.
1963 Ford Thunderbird
Rocket Man

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Back in ’55

The big line moved one mile an hour So loud it really hurt The big line moved so loud It really hurt Back in ’55 We were makin’ Thunderbirds NOT ANY MORE.  Ford places T-bird on shelf

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