Erin Andrews Naked?

It was not me. While I am a fan of naked chicas, it has to be by their choice or at least acquiescence to sharing the view. So no peephole cameras photos here. Also, if you find the video, USA Today reports you’ll get a virus.  So there’s your karma angle

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Gimme those Ray Bans

PRESIDENT BUSH: Yeah, Peter. You’re going to ask that question with those shades on? PETER WALLSTEN: I can take them off — BUSH: No, I’m interested in the shade look, seriously here. WALLSTEN: All right. I’ll keep it then. BUSH: For the viewers there’s no sun. (Scattered laughter.) WALLSTEN: I guess it depends on your […]

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Hello? Is there anybody in there?

Just nod if you can hear me, Elysa Gardner, USA TODAY… Dear Elysa Gardner, USA TODAY: This is not your finest hour of journalism. Especially this part: Out of place: Pink Floyd’s much-heralded “reunion” was lackluster. Classic-rock tunes that sound dreamy on record seemed downright sleepy in performance. Did you listen to the band? Did […]

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The Devil hearts Hillary

Reaction to news that the Devil loves Hillary was swift and sure I knew it. I just fucking knew it. Oxycontin spokesmodel Rush Limbaugh That bitch cut in front of me. Shit. KAAAARRRLLL?! Rudy Giuliani, at the hair club for men G**d***ed copycat. W   Get me Baal. And Mephisto. That prick Lucifer fucking switched […]

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How stupid are men supposed to be?

So I landed on – Guys’ Portal to the Web. What did I find, but this. This is a talon *news* propaganda site. It’s like the outlet for the GOP/testosterone linkage. Part of the machine used to turn a decorated combat vet into an indecisive pansy, while thoughtless, arrogant, chickenhawk frat boy fools whose […]

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Header on this month’s issue: “Special Pullout – What Women Want” Uh, OK, but I think that is exactly why Buzzkill has 13 kids, you dopes. :rimshot:

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