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Parts is parts

Bombed miami

This building is outside the fences at the former Checker plant.  We don’t know whether it is part of the plant, or some remora-like parts supplier with a prime location. Either way, enjoy the carcass.

Half a page of scribbled lines

White whale

Kicking around on a piece of ground In your home town Waiting for someone or something To show you the way That will be us in one short long week.  Walking the old streets. Chasing that old, fickle, illusory muse.  Searching for new inspiration.  And hopefully walking some new old streets, with old chums.  …

Diver down

You were supposed to be here at 7"30

Or make that Dive Bar, downtown. This time, the late, great Missia’s bar, Kalamazoo Michigan.  Lost in the name of “progress”