Wanna Make $14 the Hard Way?

Actually, Eric the fuckface inspired the title. This asshole decided to hoard work. He checked out 25% of the remaining work in a project. No one else could work it. Then he took a break because “fuck you, I got mine.” This after we all got an email saying once your batch is done, you’re […]

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For those of you that care about such things

Here’s a fun fact about being a self-employed whatever the hell I am. To get business, you have to publish your contact info.  You publish your contact info and people call you. Some of the people that are inclined to call you are batshit crazy.

It’s not always obvious.

Karma: Sometimes, it is.

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In our previous episode, the response to a motion pertaining to a question of Turkish law and procedure had all the information about Turkish law and procedure removed as “irrelevant.”  Now it’s just bare bones facts: married/divorce/no judgment in Turkey, as requested. Moe: Wait.  This paragraph is too short. Me:  It says everything you wanted. […]

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How to be a lawyer

An occasional series of rants. When a partner gives you a motion and tells you to raise x, y and z defenses in the response, spend all your time forcing those defenses to fit the facts.  Even if they don’t. Don’t waste your time trying to understand the arguments on the other side or analyzing […]

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Why Give Them That?

A question I get asked repeatedly.  Why concede that something exists? A:  Because it does. What not make them prove it exists? A:  Because we know it does, and if we say it does not exist, we are liars. And because we look stupid ostriches or sleazy used car salesman if we deny it.  The […]

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A moment ago

From two hours ago: Moe:  There is no evidence that some drunk guy was drunk. Me:  He blew a .4. Moe:  There is no evidence that some drunk guy is responsible for having his ass beat. Me:  He talked shit to those guys that did it. So said the one trying to get out of […]

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20 years ago (this July), a former classmate got dead at the hands of a gunman shooting up an office. He was learning the ropes on how to help people solve their problems.  It’s supposed to be a good thing. I finished my schooling and went off into the white-collar world. One of the first […]

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