GFY, Wells Fargo

A $15 charge to move my money from my account to my account?  Are you fucking kidding me?  Then threats to convert my account so you don’t have to pay my yearly $0.01 in fake “interest”? Jesus was right about you bastard bankers.

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Isn’t it Ironic

Left hand, meet right… Me: Hi Wells Fargo. After 5 years as a customer, I would like one of your awesome credit cards, like you advertise and email me about. Wells Fargo:  Hi.  Go fuck yourself. Later: Me: Hi Wells Fargo. After 5 years as a customer, I would like one of your awesome car […]

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Wells Fargo Sucks

Her:  I have a money order issued by Wells Fargo bank Me:  Let’s take it to Wells Fargo Bank to be cashed. Her:  It was purchased in another state Me:  Wells Fargo is a National Association 10 minutes waiting in line later.. Her:  Hi Wells Fargo Bank, issuer of this money order.  Please cash it. […]

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Wells Fargo trolls here… (Wells Fargo) California, San Francisco, United States, 0 returning visits Date Time WebPage March 21st 2006 02:17:18 PM Messenger Puppet :: Wells Fargo to Sock: GFY blogs&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=g March 21st 2006 02:24:05 PM Messenger Puppet :: Main Page edit – still lurking… (Wells Fargo Financial Services Corp) California, San Francisco, United States, […]

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Wells Fargo to Sock: GFY

Sock to WFB:  better that than let you touch me… Wells Fargo can blow me.  Except I will probably decline the offer, the dirty bastards. Here is the scenario: Friday – title company waits too long on a wire transfer. We’ll do it on Monday Then give me a check, bitches!!! WFB:  Ha!  We’re closed! […]

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Wells Fargo Phishing

—–Original Message—– From: [Wink Dinkerson] Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2004 8:45 AM To: [Everybody at Wink Dinkerson’s place of employment] Subject: FW: Please verify your Wells Fargo account Gee, this sounds legit.  I should give them all my account information right away. [clues are in red, editorial comment in purple] —– From: Wells Fargo Customers […]

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