Whiskey Part 6: Some Girls

White girls they’re pretty funny
Sometimes they drive me mad
Black girls just wanna get fucked all night
I just don’t have that much jam

Once a year, it’s time for a friend to salute her lost father with a whiskey (because full on Mahattans are too nasty). Join in from a couple thousand miles away, because why not? What could possibly go wrong?

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Whiskey, Part 5

Did you ever wonder how the bed sheet toga was invented? Probably, it was in Vegas.  Whiskey was involved. Whiskey is always involved, somehow. Then you wake up naked. Alone in a bed, but not alone. And not in a place where being discovered (bad naked) is any more appealing than being awake (Whiskey). Problem, […]

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Whiskey. Dick.

Whiskey is the devil.  We all know that. Boozy encounters with chicks – those always end well, too. Especially when they’re friends.  Add in Vegas and a corporate expense account.  Shake well. Shit happens.But not in the way you might expect (based on your personal experiences on every other trip to Vegas ever). Sometimes, all […]

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Whiskey, Part 2

I am in my bed. Jesus, there’s no sun.  What day is it?
Oh, my fucking god. “Whiskey.”

Why am i naked?
Shirt. Boxers. Where are my shorts?
Why are they all wet?
Why is the bathroom flooded?
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Wild Turkey whiskey
“Oh, and could I get a quart of Wild Turkey, two fifths of Bacardi, and a night’s worth of ice delivered to my room, please?”

Wild Turkey and Vegas.  What could possibly go wrong?

Maybe it was the Budweiser chaser. Maybe being sandwiched by Tullamore Dew and Harp. And a beer and some wine at dinner.

Hey, let’s Facebook some pics!

Hey, lets post some insightful comments!

Hey! Another round?  Fuck yeah!

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