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Let’s drink a toast…

unto our host, to our fair fraternity Today is the 140th anniversary of the founding of Phi Sigma Kappa.  Brotherhood, Scholarship and Character, and all that. Brotherhood? Unquestionably, and in vast abundance. Scholarship?  In my case, that happened AFTER I stepped away. Character?  Us?  Yes.  Afterwards? Not so much…  


I Went to a Garden Party…

Mmmm winter.  Time to party in the student ghetto.  Pod knows of a cozy little bash.  Ever the nonchalant one, he sidles up to all the pretty girls at school as  if he’s known them forever.  Phid, on the other hand, has more of an end game approach.  He gets more, earlier; Pod’s are more […]

Doesn't this look worth it?

Cereal City Blues

It’s Fall 1983. If you had bothered to attend class, this should have been the start of your junior year in college. Instead, it’s your first semester back: back in school (but it’s at a community college) back home, after a year of unspeakable horrors in the Phi Sigma Kappa house. The BK Lounge is […]

Michigan Football

That’s one

Herron, Toussaint Strike Twice, Michigan Whips WMU in Shortened Opener ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Senior weakside linebacker Brandon Herron (Stafford, Texas/Dulles) became the first Wolverine in school history to post two defensive scores in a single contest, helping lead the University of Michigan football to a 34-10 win over Western Michigan in the 2011 season […]

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Johnny Blaze

TC:  What did you do wrong? Crabs:  I took your truck without asking. TC: What else? Crabs:  I drove it to Ann Arbor TC: What else? Crabs: …while fucked up. TC: What else? Crabs:  …and I took the keg TC: What else? Crabs: … and three frat brothers TC: What else? Crabs:  …and we stole […]