The Critics Agree

Love us…

You crack me up.


Maybe I should just hire you?

Brenda Priddy

@messengerpuppet I like your blog though. Hunter S. Thompson is the best! 😉

These are the ramblings of a real freak

-Fredo Wang

You just exemplify dork now… case closed!!


I could go on and on, but I just got so lost… what a site… you’re insane. Good.

-Minister of Cool

Thanks for ruining another fond memory.

-OG Fred

Brace yourself. This is some of the most insane shit I have ever read… what the fuck is this?… this was some of the weirdest fucking shit I have ever stumbled across… this shit just keeps getting more and more twisted. sick fucker


Stop running into people

-Superstar Queen of Sheba

You are absolutely insane. Can I forward this to [some chick I banged on the El, like Tom Cruise when he was sane]?? She thinks you are hilarious; I think you are fucking nuts.


What kind of loony ass mother fucker takes the time to write this madness?


You sooooo should’ve been a writer of some sort. [Ed: as opposed to spewing this crap]


I agree with each and every one of your statements.


[Messenger Puppet] is great.


Or don’t.

SHUT -UP ! you are full of demons. I doubt anyone would have sex with you unless raped. Are you on Psy. meds yet ?…

-Gwen Maddox Meacham (Facebook)

Your little “fuck everybody” blog? It’s not very good.


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